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Increase your business sales by up to 60% by marketing in Russia, China, and to foreigners in your country in their native language.

We build your bridges to new markets through multilingual digital marketing

3 reasons why you should advertise in the native language of your customer

The size of the market - 1.5 billion Chinese, 145 million Russian, 344 million Arabic speakers and 22,2 million foreigners in the EU creates a great opportunity for your company.

Imagine you are a tourist in Paris. You check your Facebook but all Paris attraction ads are in French, so you ignore them. Finally, your attention gets caught when you see an ad in your native language because it stands out. You will click on this cause you are curious to know more.


For advertiser company, this simple step will bring more clicks, ads CTR (Click Through Rate) will increase 3 times. Hence 3 times the growth of your ROI ( Return On Investment).

Cultural differences can create an opportunity to gain many foreign customers. Cultivating and respecting local culture will result in their trust and loyalty. Maybelline a cosmetics company achieved great success with their Chinese New Year campaign by creating beautiful cosmetics boxes, resembling mahjong (very popular, Chinese table game) set.


But by respecting and understanding your client's culture and traditions you can easily gain their loyalty.


What do you gain by working with WEST2ASIA

1. We will create a campaign that will reach customers hearts through their language and culture. We know very well cultural nuances and local mentality.

We will lead your brand through all obstacles on the path to a global presence.

With us, your company can thrive in any direction.


2.We are certified professionals with experience and expertise not only in well-known marketing platforms: Google and Facebook but also Russian: Yandex and Vkontakte (VK) and Chinese Baidu Weibo and Wechat.


3. Remember your favorite teacher in the University! Calm and caring, always ready to help, working as a member of the team. We won't be just marketing specialists but also part of your team!


marketer in China, marketer on Russia

How do we help to achieve new markets?

Choose audience and see instruments, which we use


Our case studies

We've implemented dozens of campaigns for small and large businesses from Europe and Asia.

Depending on the goals of the campaign, we have increased brand awareness, the number of requests and sales in the Eastern markets.


Our founders

Digital Marketer in China, Russia and Europe

Roman Serd, COO

Сertified by Google, Yandex and MyTarget


Expert in marketing strategy and analytics, CEO of Roman has a 7-years experience in digital marketing. He trained more than 150 directors in digital marketing.

Digital Marketer in China, Russia and Europe

Anna Pietrzyk, CEO

Сertified by Google, Yandex


Anna speaks fluently 8 languages, hence her interest in multilingual marketing. She has a financial background. She was COO of Storm Technologies where she co-created ethical search engine Storm in the Channel Islands. She specializes in copywriting and analytics.


Consultant for China, professional translator

WeiWei Zhu,

Chief consultant for China

Weiwei Zhu was awarded her interpreting and translation qualification in London.

She is also a professional business cross-culture awareness trainer between China and the UK. She obtained her qualification in this field in 2010 in London.


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+44 7823 922761

Kemp House, 160 City Road, London

marketer in China, marketer on Russia
Digital Marketer in China, Russia and Europe
Digital Marketer in China, Russia and Europe
Consultant for China, professional translator
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marketer in China, marketer on Russia
Digital Marketer in China, Russia and Europe
Digital Marketer in China, Russia and Europe
Consultant for China, professional translator