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You probably heard the thesis of the flow of advertising budgets online. This trend has existed for many years. Moreover, in the first half of the 2018 year, the online sector remained the only growing segment of the Russian advertising market. There are many reasons forcing advertisers to invest in Internet marketing:

-According to GfK, the Internet penetration rate among the Russian population in 2015 increased from 67.5% to 70.4%. In absolute numbers, the increase was in 4 million people. At the end of 2015, 84 million people over the age of 16 used the Internet.
-According to the FOM, 50 million residents of the Russian Federation over the age of 16 actively use the mobile Internet. According to TNS Web Index, at the end of 2014, mobile traffic in Russia reached 22%.
-Experts of the marketing company Criteo believe that in 2020, Russians make more than half of online purchases using tablets and smartphones, and not desktops.

Pay attention to the following types of online advertising: contextual advertising in search engines, advertising in social networks, video advertising on YouTube and other video hosting sites, banners, pop-up windows and other ad formats on popular websites, advertising in mobile applications.

Google has only 42.5% search market  share in Russia

Search advertising in Google and Yandex

The name of this type of advertising explains its essence: the commercial information corresponds to the context of the web page. Moreover, the ad fits the context of the user’s intent. E.g., the user is looking for information about mountain bikes. The search engine shows him advertisements that match the search query.
According to, in January 2016, Yandex accounted for 49.8% of the search market, and Google serviced 42.5% of requests. Another 6.3% of queries directed to Consider this data when planning advertising campaigns.

What tasks solves search advertising?

It makes the ad appearance more natural similar as results in a search engine.
This tool also solves other tasks:
-Contextual advertising helps to control costs effectively. The advertiser can independently determine the cost of conversions, distribute funds between campaigns, and search phrases.

-With the help of contextual advertising, you can precisely target the audience. Contextual advertising systems allow you to select regions of the display, determine the demographic and behavioral interests of users. Also, with the help of retargeting, you can reengage people who are familiar with your offers.
-Quickly attracts the attention of the audience to the site, a specific product, post.
-With the help of search advertising, you can easily reach the mobile audience.

Social media marketing is very effective in Russia but mainly in

Advertising on social networks

Few characteristics of Social media advertising:
-Typically, the cost of display in social networks is lower than in Yandex “Direct” or AdWords.
-You can fine-tune the audience of social networks with the help of standard and external services.
-The effectiveness of advertising on network sites increases due to natural distribution.
-Reposts of product or announcements are often equivalent to purchasing a product.

What misses in social media advertising in comparison with text ads: it is more challenging to integrate into the context of the user’s intentions. In a paid search, an announcement is displayed in response to a specific person request. When on Facebook and Odnoklassniki, people come to chat and watch f.e. cats. Then the advertisement may correspond to the interests of the user. However, it does not fall into the current context.

What problems solve advertising on social networks?

The following tasks are specific to advertising in social networks:
-Not aggressive targeting of the chosen audience.
-Promotion of groups and public pages. If you build a community of a company or a product in a social network, it is logical to advertise it on the appropriate site.
-Advertising applications, websites, services.
-Maximum audience coverage with minimal cost.

How much does SMM cost?

You can pay for ad impressions or conversions. The price depends on the subject, level of competition, audience coverage, and other factors.
You can predict expenses at the stage of creating advertising campaigns. For example, in Vkontakte advertiser’s office, you can use the estimated display price as a guide. This metric changes depending on the selected targeting settings.

Youtube advertising brings very high ROI

YouTube Video Advertising

YouTube has a monthly audience of over 1 billion people. You can find your target audience among these people with the Google AdWords targeting tool. YouTube advertising is contextual, so this tool provides a high ROI.
Like traditional contextual ads, video ads are shown not only on YouTube. The audience may see your message while watching videos on third-party sites.

What problems solve video ads on YouTube?

Video advertising is convenient to use for the following functions:
Targeting audience target segments. You can choose Central Asia according to demographic characteristics and interests. You can also use re-marketing.
Reach mobile audience. Back in 2014, the ratio of watching videos on YouTube on mobile devices and desktops reached parity. Owners of smartphones and tablets can watch your ads almost anytime and anywhere.
Effective cost control. You pay only for viewing or active selection of your video. To do this, select the format for advertising TruView.

How much is video advertising on YouTube

The cost of advertising on YouTube depends on the subject, level of competition, the location of impressions, audience coverage, and other factors.
Approximately estimate the cost of impressions can be in the office of the advertiser on YouTube. The system allows you to specify a daily budget and the maximum value of one view. It automatically calculates the approximate number of impressions.

Banner has high CTR

Advertising on popular sites: banners, pop-ups and other forms

In display advertising, large companies can precisely evaluate the ROI of investments. Many studies are confirming the effectiveness of display advertising.
Banners provide a higher CTR than all online advertising formats on average. The overall CTR for online advertising, regardless of size, is 0.06%.
Banners bring business benefits, even if users do not follow them to the site.

What problems does display advertising solve?

-Increase audience awareness of your product and business. Even if the user does not click the link, he receives information.
-Reputation management. The user thinks that if you have the funds to buy a banner on the Vedomosti website or Bloomberg, then you will are a reliable company, especially when banners blend into the theme of the articles.
-Attract traffic.

How much do the banners cost?

  • The cost of banner advertising is influenced by:
  • the popularity and theme of the selected site
  • the size of the banner
  • placement of advertising on the page.
Mobile ad CTR in apps is twice of the mobile websites

Mobile Advertising

It concerns advertising in applications. These are some characteristics of this tool:
-According to the marketing agency Medialets, advertising CTR in applications is twice as high as that of mobile sites.
-You can publish ads in applications using search advertising systems and specialized exchanges. You can also negotiate directly with the developer or owner of the program.
According to Apps Savvy, the CTR of advertising in applications is 11.4 times the CTR of banners on websites, regardless of their type.
According to the advertising agency Nanigans, the average CTR of advertising on Instagram is 0.8%, which is higher than Facebook.

Advertising in applications is not among the universal marketing tools. Use the tool to solve specific tasks, about which below.
Tasks specific to advertising in mobile applications
In mobile applications you can advertise:
-Other mobile applications. It is almost an ideal tool for stimulating -installations.
-Sites. In-app and in-game advertising is a source of cheap traffic to the advertiser’s website.
-Specific Products.

How much is advertising in applications?

The cost depends on the method of placement, the selected sites, and applications, the audience, and other factors. If you publish ads in applications as part of a campaign in Google AdWords, the cost of the transition vary from a few cents to dollars and more, depending on the targeting set up, the subject matter and the level of competition.

Successful advertising secret

It is straightforward: the effectiveness of the tool depends on how you use it. You can spend the entire marketing budget on advertising and not get the expected result. Alternatively, you can significantly increase your reach and get many new customers at a low cost.
To use advertising effectively, consider it as one of the tools of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Analyze the effectiveness of different types of advertising and find the formats to which your audience responds.

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