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Three reasons to sell in China

The size of the market. There are about 1.5 billion Chinese people, and 1 billion is surfing on the net. Every year internet users number is growing significantly. It is an excellent opportunity for your company to get there before your competitors.

Chinese are wealthy. There is more than 1 million millioners in China.  400 millions Chinese are middle-class earners. They tend to spend most of their earning than saving for the future.

Chinese love foreign products. For many years Chinese import was limited, but nowadays with the development of Chinese e-commerce platforms, foreign goods become extremely popular. Some imported products are much better quality than the domestic. No wonder that Xiao Hong Shu (The RED) — platform for imported products reviews and shopping can boast 200 million active users.


What are your benefits of working with West 2 Asia?

1. We create a campaign that reaches customers hearts through their language and culture. We continuously  monitor the latest trends in China to find the common language with millennials. West 2 Asia is also very aware of sensitive topics in China so we can guide your company through censorship.


2. We are certified professionals with expertise in Chinese marketing platforms: Baidu, Wechat, Weibo, XiaoHong Shu, Tmall.


3. Remember your favorite teacher in the University! Calm and caring, always ready to help, working as a member of the team. We won't be just marketing specialists but also your tutor.


What services do we offer?


Product or Service research in China

Do you want to know what your chances on the Chinese Market? We can carry out an elaborate analysis of your competitors and estimate demand on your products in selected regions. We will also provide Chinese requirements for your business.

Baidu product keywords research in China. Marketing in China

Marketing Strategy for your company in China

As we know, China is enormous, and advertising to all the country will be extraordinarily costly and also pointless.

Depending on your budget we will choose the right platforms and services for your service or product.

Marketing strategy in China. Making marketing in china


If you want your website to appear on the Chinese internet, it is crucial to have it professionally translated to Mandarin.  We also provide services of a certified translator for legal documents.

Translation serviice from your language to China. Making website in China

Assistance in setting up Tmall shop

Tmall is the best online platform to sell your products. Tmall sells only excellent quality goods directly from brands; that's why your brand needs to pass the verification process. We will guide you help you with store set up, design the shop user experience and integrate payment system.

How to set up Tmall shop in China. How to sell in China

Baidu SEO and PPC

About 500 million Chinese search on Baidu every day. If they couldn't find your company, they will lose trust. Many functions of Baidu PPC are similar to Google PPC. We need to choose keywords and then bid for them. Also, Baidu offers Brandzone a particular advert for your brand keywords; it is an excellent way to establish a brand in China and not spend a lot of money.

Baidu SEO, Baidu search engine optimisation, Baidu paid ads, Baidu set up advertisment


Assistance in opening official accounts in Wechat, Weibo, XiaoHongShu

Official Accounts in Social Media are crucial for companies to operate in China because customers are afraid to buy fake products which are often on unverified websites.  We will apply on behalf of your company and assist you in preparing documentation, translation, and communication The account opening process might take up to 4 weeks

We will open Wechat accounts for you. How to open Wechat account

Social Media accounts administration on Wechat, Weibo and XiaoHongShu

We will bring you in many followers through engaging  publications  on your social media profiles and relevant hashtags.

Social Media accounts administration on Wechat, Weibo and XiaoHongShu

Promotion on Wechat

There are about 1 billion users of Wechat in Asia. You can promote through  Wechat Moments Ads that look similar to users posts or banner and video ads. There are CPM and PPC payment options available.

Promotion on Wechat. How to make advertisment in Wechat

Promotion on Weibo and XiaoHongShu

Weibo the Chinese version of (Twitter/Instagram) has about 200 million registered users. Its good platform for brand communication. It also has very straight forward advertising functions through post promotion.

How to promote on Weibo and XiaoHongShu

Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOL)

Key opinion leaders are the backbone of the platforms such as Weibo and XiaoHongShu they are similar to Instagram Influencers and usually has more than 100k followers.

They engage their fans through lifestream or videos. We will select reputable KOLs and connect them with your company.  They engage their fans through lifestreams or videos. We will select reputable KOLs and connect them with your company.

Chinese Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). Advertisment in China

Youku  Videos

Youku is the Chinese version of Youtube the most popular service to watch short videos or movies online. We  publish your video ad or any vlog in Chinese. We pick keywords and work on video position in search results.

Youku videos advertisment

What else can you offer?

Assistance in Tourism Certificate

Property sales through Chinese real estate agents

Promotion through Forums and Blogs

Our case studies

We've implemented dozens of campaigns for small and large businesses from Europe and Asia.

Depending on the goals of the campaign, we have increased brand awareness, the number of requests and sales in the Eastern markets.



Our founders

Digital Marketer in China

Roman Serd, COO

Сertified by Google, Yandex and MyTarget


Expert in marketing strategy and analytics, CEO of Roman has a 7-years experience in digital marketing. He trained more than 150 directors in digital marketing.

digital marketer in China

Anna Pietrzyk, CEO

Сertified by Google, Yandex


Anna speaks fluently 8 languages, hence her interest in multilingual marketing. She has a financial background. She was COO of Storm Technologies where she co-created ethical search engine Storm in the Channel Islands. She specializes in copywriting and analytics.


Consultant in China

WeiWei Zhu,

Chief consultant for China

Weiwei Zhu was awarded her interpreting and translation qualification in London.

She is also a professional business cross-culture awareness trainer between China and the UK. She obtained her qualification in this field in 2010 in London.


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