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While Tik Tok (Chinese Douyin) beats records for posting short videos, platforms like Xiao Hong Shu have taken advantage of this opportunity and launched a top-rated app for product video review and e-commerce platform. Think about this as Instagram with online buying function.

What is Xiao Hong Shu?

Xiao Hong Shu, founded in 2013, has now 200 million registered users and has a valuation of billions of dollars. At first, Xiao Hong Shu was a product reviews app but gradually added e-commerce features. It allowed Chinese customers to purchase online foreign products and find reliable reviews. The invitation of famous actors and singers gave the platform more credibility among customers concerned about product authenticity. Many Chinese celebrities use the app to share their beauty secrets and promote favorite products f.e. actress Fan Bing Bing has over 10 million followers and actively post her top cosmetics. Now anyone can buy them on the platform. She even got her own “hashtag” products that Fan Bing Bing use. They sell extremely well.

The foreign brands can not dream of any better opportunity for KOL (KEY OPINION LEADERS) marketing. The platforms also offer a direct option to find the most suitable KOLs for registered brands.
To register the brand companies need to pass the verification process by providing required documentation. It is more complicated to open Xiao Hong Shu for foreign brands without Chinese business entity.

Inspired by the success of Xiao Hong Shu, Tik Tok, the most successful short video app in China, started last year to add e-commerce features in its main app. At Tik Tok, content creators can now open their electronic stores where their followers can buy products.

This business model is based on the ability of content creators to attract traffic as their followers trust their opinions. Bloggers take advantage of the popularity to sell products and thus capitalize on their content.

According to Taobao sources consulted by the Jiemian portal, “short videos are becoming an indispensable part of electronic commerce. If you have an e-commerce platform and do not produce short videos, you are losing valuable traffic. “

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